Communication with hearing impaired people in emergency and rescue situations

In a world full of accidents and violance a certain number of people will suffer blast trauma or other acute damage of their hearing. Elder injured persons may have lost their hearing aid.

This is where swissHear helps getting important answers quickly. Today paramedics use smartphones for many reasons. Orientation, documentation, communication being the most important.

An app that allows communicating with hearing impared persons in another important tool in this collection. With swissHear we provide a solution tailored to scientific and medical requirements.

Medical support in confined spaces

Medical care in difficult situations asks for efficient communication with the patient. If it turns out that the patient is hearing impaired, then this will be a very loud dialog. This will not be appropriate in all environments.

Here swissHear may be the best solution. Hand the ear plugs to the patient, start the swissHear app and let the patient set the volume. Now you can talk into the microphone of the phone with a low voice and the patient will understand every word.

Being accountable for customers in closed environments may also imply responsibility for medical emergencies. Having swissHear preinstalled and earplugs at hand will be your insurance if hearing impairment complicates the situation.