Cooperation with acousticians

We think that swissHear can introduce people with  auditory defects to the benefits of hearing aids. If the defect is still small and support is only needed in certain situations, then a professional recommendion for swissHear may be the solution.

If the situation gets worse over time you will be able to sell a suitable hearing aid to your new customer. swissHear is a low threshold approach to the utilization of hearing aids. swissHear accustoms users to the procedures and the habit changes necessary.

We recommend our users to visit an acoustician if they have trouble finding the proper swissHear settings. It goes without saying that you can charge for the time needed. On request we will supply documentation that explains how you can use a hearing test to find the correct configuration of swissHear.

Cooperation with Otorhinolaringologists (ENT)

swissHear is a low cost, low effort way of introducing patients with minor hearing deficiencies to the use of hearing aids. The BioAid algorithm implemented as a standard module in swissHear emulates the function of the human hearing system and is able to compensate for the most typical auditory defects. Users appreciate the fact that people sitting farther away will be heard at nearly the same volume as direct neighbors. Rapid attenuation of loud noises reduces the impulse to pull out the plugs.

For patients with a low income and no health insurance swissHear can be the only affordable hearing aid. A basic smartphone is standard for most countries and social environments and it follows that the added value of a hearing aid is very welcome.