The revolution with BioAid

BioAid is a revolutionary technology based on the emulation of the biology of the human ear. The underlying software uses complex algorithms to bring back healthy sound to a damaged ear. Nearly everyone can use BioAid without a prior hearing test.

BioAid normalizes the sounds around you. Voices talking farther away will be heard nearly as loud as people talking right next to you. That is what your brain does for you if your auditory system hasn't been damaged.

As an added value BioAid supports setting a gain for different frequency bands. This will allow adjusting swissHear to your hearing curve. Even if you don't know your curve you can find out what suits you best by trial and error in a few minutes. If you feel unsure you can visit your acoustician and let him help you with the settings for a reasonable fee. Please point him at our homepage for more information.

When do you need Basic Amplifier technology?

The Basic Amplifier technology uses the standard amplification capabilities of your smartphone. The signal is taken from the built-in microphones, amplified and then sent to the headphones.

This technology does not modify the sound. Therefore, the volume of voices will rapidly decrease as the distance to the microphone increases. In crowd situations, this may provide better results than the BioAid algorithm because nearby voices are easier to understand. In a restaurant you can place the smartphone near your partner and thus decrease the distance further. 

The stereo capabilities of swissHear will improve your hearing result by allowing the spacial discrimination of a voice when several people are talking. 

Swiss Audio Toolkit

Swiss Audio Toolkit Overview

We developed swissHear as a versatile framework that allows using straight forward C/C++ code to write your own Android based plugins.

The Android specific complexity of managing low latency audio sources and targets is handled by our Swiss Audio Toolkit. A lean and easy to understand generic interface allows you to work with audio streams without worrying about incoming telephone calls or media interactions.

The Swiss Audio Toolkit allows chaining modules and thus separating  different tasks into individual modules (e.g. filters, frequency transformations, …). The sequence and configuration of the modules can be determined at runtime.

The modules don’t contain any Android specific dependencies. This makes it very easy to port code from Matlab or other scientific modelling tools into swissHear.

The Swiss Audio Toolkit exposes a simple GUI-interface that allows showing controls to the user and saving the user specific configuration on the device. Only marginal  Andoid specific knowledge concerning user interface or memory management is needed.

The above mentioned modules have been developed using this technology. If you decide to use our Swiss Audio Toolkit you will receive the source code as a sample.