Correcting unequal hearing

Using BioAid is like focusing binoculars. With swissHear you can adjust gain in such a way, that a sound in front of you will be audible in the middle.

Adjusting input-gain: this gain influences the intensity of the signal used by BioAid. To much input gain will lead to clipping (parts of the signal are lost due to over amplification). Listening to hushed conversation in a room with low ambient noise can require high input-gain. Using the same gain in a crowd situation will lead to distortion. This parameter should be used symetrical to allow for symetrical transformation by the BioAid algorithm. Only differences in the microphone quality and position may ask for adjustments here.

Adjusting output-gain: basically this is a factor on the amplification of the signal after processing. To much Output-gain causes distortion and clipping. You may use these sliders to compensate different hearing capabilities. To find the ideal value move the spin-wheel to the middle position and then increase the value of the sliders until you hear a signal on both ears. Now you should be able to find a comfortable volume using the spin-wheel.

Choosing your BioAid Preset

The BioAid-Module offers six different correction types that are identified by the letters A through F. You will find a short description on the previous page.

These corrections are provided in four levels marked with numbers. The levels where found during field tests by the University of Essex.

Touching the name or the arrow next to the current preset in the BioAid Settings will open the list of existing presets:

Level 1-2: low amplification of soft sounds. Pronounced dynamics, soft and loud sounds can be discriminated easily. May be to weak for people with a strong impairement.

Level 3-4: strong amplification of soft sounds. All sounds will be played at a similar volume. This can be a problem in a noisy environment (e.g. restaurant or open plan office). In that case try choosing a lower level and using a higher amplification.

To find the right correction algorithm for your impairement start with level 3 of each type. In a second step you can try to find the best level for your ears.