Are you a software developer

You are aware that real time audio processing on Android is difficult, even with the newest version. You are looking for a solution that lets you focus on the audio part: 

  • audio processing is your core business
  • you are looking for a simple way to port to Android
  • you would like to use a ready made audio framework
  • you want to sell modules on the fast track



We have a solution for you...

Contact us and get our framework. It simplifies accessing audio signals and transforming them using our high level SDK. You can chain simple modules to create powerful applications. Modules can pass on signals and data packets.

The audio stream signal transformation is split into three phases. Recognition, Transformation and Finalization. You can slot in your module with powerful existing modules.

It is easy to integrate Bluetooth or WLAN in your module to connect to microphones or speakers of other phones in a group. Again the complex technical work of establishing contact and building the groups is done by the framework, you can concentrate on your use cases.

Concentrate on your business case and don't loose time trying to figure out the complex audio and network interfaces of Android by yourself.