Are you a hearing aid producer?

Use the results of the modules for making hearing tests. Developing a module to configure the hardware by means of Bluetooth or WLAN is very simple. There is also the possibility to check the results by the server per Internet and transmit the propositions for the configuration by the user.

Invest in your professional functionality and not into the overcoming the high hurdles in the development of a well-integrated android app.

  •  You want to configure your devices over the internet?
  • You want to find a working configuration for your users using a cloud based expert system?
  • You want a simple mechanism to update your devices?
  • You want to receive logs whenever problems occur?
  • You want to receive statistical data on the usage of your devices?
  • You want to integrate your devices with other smart phone based services?
  • You want to invest into customer use cases instead of technical interfaces and system coding?

We shrink the gap to your customers

The current generation of hearing impaired is using the internet to find information about products and places, to communicate with their family and to look for medical advice. They are starting to discover the smartphone. Due to the small screen and buttons it is difficult to use, but the mobility of the device compensates for many troubles. Users begin to develop expectations: 

  • Easy interaction with your devices using their smart phone
  • Not needing to go to a shop for regular software updates
  • Configuration support in their favorite armchair at home

We’re interested in long-term cooperation

We’ve been investing into the development of our product for some years because we’re convinced that it has a great future. For this reason, we’re interested in cooperating with you on long-term commitments and in developing further possibilities and new solutions.