We support scientific research and publications

You are an audiologist, engineer or physician and want to specialize in the field of psychoacoustics or enhanced audio reality? You are working on a master thesis or a dissertation? We can give you the technical foundation you need.

You are looking for a technical platform that will push your research to a new level? We support scientific work and provide our Swiss Audio Kit with easy to understand samples at a nominal charge.

If you have MATLAB sources, you can transfer your code to our C / C++ environment. You need to write a configuration page which enables the user to set the necessary parameters and to connect your input and output streams to the swissHear framework. You can count on us for technical advice.

If a module works to satisfaction, you can sell it as a swissHear plug-in in the Android Play-Store.

A simple Android Audio Interface and Development Tool

You are an engineer, a technician or a musician and you have developed a brilliant audio solution on MATLAB or another generic platform? You can create a new swissHear Module from exported code easily. You don't need any in depth knowledge about device specific audio libraries and events.

You have a brilliant idea for a new audio transformation or complex algorithms solving communication problems? The Swiss Audio Kit is just the right platform for a low cost reality check.

If it works out you can upload your swissHear module to the swissHear store. In later versions a sales channel will be implemented.